National Anthem of Malta – Republic of Malta

Malta is one of the group islands. It is a group of seven islands that are located in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is one of the tourist place with a warm climate. These islands consist of the nine heritage site locations by UNESCO.
Malta was under the rule of United Kingdom till 1964, it became in dependent on 21st September. The National Anthem of Malta was adopted in the same year of Independence, officially. "L-Innu Malti" is the National Anthem of Malta. The meaning of this phrase is “The Maltese Hymn”. It is considered to be the devotional offering to God.
Though it was officially adopted as the National Anthem of Malta in 1964, the Government of Malta has declared it as the National Anthem of Malta on 22nd February, 1941 itself. The lyrics to the National Anthem of Malta were penned by Dun Karm Psalia and the tune was composed by Robert Samut. Maltese and English are the official languages of Malta. So, the National Anthem of Malta is available both in Maltese and English.
National Flag of Malta
National Flag of Malta
National Anthem of Malta in Maltese:
Lil din l-art ħelwa, l-Omm li tatna isimha,
Ħares, Mulej, kif dejjem Int ħarist: 
Ftakar li lilha bil-oħla dawl libbist. 
Agħti, kbir Alla, id-dehen lil min jaħkimha,
Rodd il-ħniena lis-sid, saħħa 'l-ħaddiem:
Seddaq il-għaqda fil-Maltin u s-sliem. 
National Anthem of Malta in English:
Guard, Lord, forever, as you did erst and never ceases,
This land whose name we received our mother name.
Her you have draped with a light whose grace exceeds all others.
Those who govern, sovereign God, give understanding,
Granting the welfare of those who work, largesse to those who employ
Make business, only to all our obligations, the peace we enjoy.
However, this is the version of the anthem that is being sung in the English version. There is other simplified version of the anthem.
Simplified English version of National Anthem of Malta:
Keeping your Lord, you have kept ever!
If this beloved country whose name we bear!
Keep it in mind, you have done so beautiful!
He that governs wisdom be regarded!
In master mercy, strength in man increase!
We all confirm, in unity and peace!

This is simplified version of the anthem is just for the reference purpose. It is never sung as the official national anthem.

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